Governance Documents


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         The written rules which explain the roles and responsibilities of our Members and Trustees, and how the company is run.


        Our legal statement signed by our initial shareholders. agreeing to form a company.


         Details of each of our Trust's Members and Trustees.


         Our Members and Trustees' relevant and pecuniary interests for 2017-18.


         The responsibilities and extent of authority delegated to TCAT Trustees and Local Governing Bodies.

                         →  Roles and Responsibilities;

                               Information about our leadership and governance structure, levels of delegation and our scheme of financial delegation. 

                         →  Terms of Reference - Committees of the Trust Board;

                               The structure and remit of the Trust's committees. 

                         →  Terms of Reference - Scheme of Delegations and Designations;

                               Containing the structure and remit of our Local Governing Body committees.         

                               • Ridgeway Primary Academy,

                               • Walker Riverside Academy,

                               • North East Futures UTC.